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Інформаційний майданчик Порталу журналістів  працює!

У Києві відбувся запуск "живого" інформаційного майданчика Порталу журналістів України

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The information center "Ukraine" (NYC-Kiev)

Ukraine, Kiev,Kyiv, information, centerThe information net centers will help journalists in their professional activity, render invaluable help to usual tourist, acting as the tourist’s center of information. The information  centers will also be useful for the users of Internet functioning as regional or municipal center of information ( it will contain information about discounts, sales, internet-shops, about something worth seeing).

The information center deals with:
-international cooperation between mass media and journalists;
-creation of the positive image of the countries-participants;
-cooperation between ethnic;
-exchange by the official information and delegations;
-assistance to the tourists visiting Ukraine;
-caring on cultural activities;


Services rendered by the information centers:
- information about events in Kiev and New York ( events in towns,
official information, actions, sales, companies’ news, legal assistance,
practical advising tourists during their visits/tours of the country)
-cooperation between mass media of the USA and Ukraine and with other
organizations which are interested in it;
-realization of mutual arrangements simultaneously held in both countries;

Participants of the project:
Organization “Ukrainian”( New York ), Ukrainian journalists’ portal

Today our infocenter includes 2 countries:
USA ( New York) and
Ukraine (Kiev):

New York (USA)
Look the photography

Kiev (Ukraine)
Look the photography

If you wish to participate in the project, please, write in English,Russian. Our email is:

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