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Інформаційний майданчик Порталу журналістів  працює!

У Києві відбувся запуск "живого" інформаційного майданчика Порталу журналістів України

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Bar Route 66

Type: Bar, restaurant, club, club-restaurant, Restaurant
Cuisine: American cuisine, Mexican cuisine
Address: Str.Zhilyanskaya, etc. 87/30
Subway: Train station, University of
District: Shevchenko
Number of rooms: Bar for 50 seats
Phone: +38 (044) 239-38-65
Features: Billiards, Summer Zone, Beer Hall, Sports on the big screen
Suggestions: Daytime Discounts
Entertainment: Live music, gigs, live broadcasts of sports programs
Music: Rock-n-roll
Login: Free
Parking: There
Landmarks: Crossroad Zhilyanskaya and the Comintern

Bar on the Roof

Type: Bar
The average cost of an account: 100-150 UAH
Cuisine: Author's cuisine, European cuisine, Ukrainian cuisine
Address: Str.Pushkinskaya, 5-7/29
Subway: Theatres
District: Shevchenko
Hours: From 12.00 to 23.00
Number of rooms: One room: Banquet - 80 seats
Buffet - 200 seats
Phone: +38 (044) 244 13 04
Features: Non-smoking, summer terrace
Suggestions: Business Lunch, Takeaway, Banquets
Entertainment: Hookah
Login: Free
Parking: Guarded
Landmarks: On the roof of the hotel Premier Palace (8 th floor) on the spiral staircase.


Type: Pub, Pub, Restaurant, Sports Bar
Cuisine: European Cuisine
Address: Kyiv, Khreschatyk, 7
Subway: Maidan Nezalezhnosti
District: Shevchenko
Hours: from 11-00 until the last guest
Phone: +38 (067) 407-55-44
Suggestions: Business Lunch, Grill, Beer
Music: DJ, Live music
Login: Free
Events: Every Friday DJ works
Every Saturday a group of Tartilla


Type: Billiard Room, Pub, Pub, Restaurant, Sports Bar
The average cost of an account: UAH 100-150, 150-200 UAH
Cuisine: Azerbaijan kitchen
Address: Str.Princely's Creek, etc. 14c
Subway: Osokorki
District: Darnitskiy
Hours: Sun-Wed 20.00 - 22.00, Fri-Sat 20.00 - 23.00
Phone: +38 (044) 572-72-08
Features: Sports on the big screen
Login: Free
Landmarks: Left bank

The bar-restaurant Capone-pub

Type: Bar and Restaurant, Pub, Pub, Pub Restaurant, Sports Bar
Cuisine: European Cuisine
Address: Str.Architect Nikolaeva 7, second floor
District: Desnyanskiy
Phone: +38 (044) 545-39-31
Suggestions: Banquet, Business Lunch, Catering, Grill, Children Party, Beer
Children: Children's holidays
Music: Live Music, Rock
Login: Free

The bar-restaurant FLIBUSTER

Type: Bar and Restaurant, inn
Cuisine: European Cuisine
Address: Str.Bulgakov, 17
District: Svyatoshinsky
Hours: From 12.00 to 24.00
Number of rooms: Large hall - 50 seats
<> Non-Smoking Room
Summer Playground
Phone: +38 (044) 592-36-67
Features: Non-smoking, summer playground
Suggestions: Banquet menu, Children's menu
Login: free


Type: Bar,Cafe,Cafe Bar,Pub
The average cost of an account: 150-200 UAH
Cuisine: Author's cuisine,European cuisine,Japanese cuisine
Address: Str.Pushkinskaya, 9
Subway: Theatres
District: Shevchenko
Hours: From 12.00 to 24.00
Number of rooms: 2 rooms: black hall - 32 seats
Hall of 'easy' - 50 seats
Phone: +38 (044) 22-57-777
Features: Non-smoking, Hookah
Suggestions: Fish menu, Grill, Take-Away Food, Wine, BBQ, Meat menu, Lenten menu, Beer, Fish menu
Music: Lounge, background music
Login: Free
Parking: There

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