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Інформаційний майданчик Порталу журналістів  працює!

У Києві відбувся запуск "живого" інформаційного майданчика Порталу журналістів України

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Food Delivery

Экипаж сервис

Fast and reliable delivery of your order in any part of the city.

Around the clock.

Tel. :044-353-9-353



Наш обед

Ships set meal for jobs, cooking.

Tel. :406-94-44 ,098-212-82-40.

Добра страва

Firm Добра страва offers delivery of high quality food and beverage at the optimum time in your own place. Food delivery is made from a restaurant in downtown Kiev. Restaurant for over 30 years.

(044) 227-04-31

(098) 862-34-61

(066) 393-09-01

Royal Service

Royal Service - meal delivery service from restaurants of Kiev in the home or office.

Tel. :502-49-49.

Lunch Box

Delivery of delicious food at affordable prices.

(044) 353-96-96


Food delivery from restaurants in Kiev, quickly and efficiently.

(044) 229-26-62

Две Империи

Delivery of Italian and Japanese cuisine for home and office.



Room Service

Food delivery from restaurants in Kiev.

(044) 360-70-60.

Пузата Хата

Delivery lunch and business lunches to offices in Kiev.

The delivery of the Kiev region.

Rental of microwave ovens for heating food.

Weekly form.

Tel.: +380 44 3606670

Tel.: +380 44 3606671

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