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Інформаційний майданчик Порталу журналістів  працює!

У Києві відбувся запуск "живого" інформаційного майданчика Порталу журналістів України

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Kiev State Opera Theatre

Str.Most Vasilkovskaya 53 / 3
+38 (044) -227-26-30

Birth Kiev Operetta Theater indicate two dates 13 January 1934 and December 14, 1935.
1934 January 13 - open a stationary theater musical comedy under the direction of Benediktova (actors: N. Rodoshalsky, R. Robert, T. Yudin, L. Ogaryov Astakhov, Yu Adinska; choreographer - SV Tomilin, etc.)
1935 Dec 14 - held its first premiere - "Die Fledermaus" by Johann Strauss.

In 74 seasons has carried out more than 200 theater productions of Ukrainian and foreign authors, A. Ryabov, Dunayevsky, D. Shevtsova, classic operetta by Johann Strauss, F. Lehar, J. Kalman, J. Offenbach, F. Lowe, A.Bernstein, D. Gershwin.

Today, Opera Theatre presents itself as a theater wide profile.On the stage of Kyiv Operetta was a success in the classic operetta, modern and classic musicals, commonly presents a variety of concert programs (shows, concerts, symphony orchestra, opera and ballet concerts) and boldly embodied a variety of creative experiments.

Kiev State Puppet Theatre

Kiev, ul.Grushevskogo ,1-a
+38 (044) -278-58-08
Kiev State Puppet Theatre - Puppet Theatre of Ukraine's oldest, was founded October 27, 1921 at the Kiev theater for children to them.Franko (present Theatre for Young Audiences at the Limes) on the initiative of People's Artist of Ukraine AI Volomarskogo and JS Deeva. Theatre fruitfully worked with famous Ukrainian composers: Honored Scientist of Ukraine I. Karabitsem, People's Artist of Ukraine I. Shamo People's Artist of Ukraine A. Filippenko, W. Shapovalenko, L. Markelov, S. Mieszko, Honored M. Chemberzhi and won many theatrical awards "Pectoral" Honored Artist of Ukraine Yuri Shevchenko.

At the initiative of the Kiev State Puppet Theatre since 1991, held in Kyiv International Festival of Puppet Theatres.Participating in the festival's leading puppet theaters from Belgium and Austria, Canada and Slovakia, Finland, Japan, China, Sweden and other countries.

International Puppet Festival, according to experts from different countries, recognized as one of the most prestigious festivals in Europe.

Kiev State Theater of dolls represent Ukraine at prestigious international forums and theater festivals in Austria, the United States, Peru, Canada, Slovakia, Japan, South Korea, Poland, Bulgaria, Belarus, and Russia.

Theatre is a member of the International Association for Puppet Theatre UNIMA.

October 30, 2002 decision of the Collegium of the Ministry of Culture and the Arts for a significant contribution to the development of Ukrainian theater Kiev State Theater of dolls granted the status of academic theater.

National Academic Theatre of Russian Drama.Lesia Ukrainka

Kiev, ul.Bogdana Khmelnitsky, 5
+38 (044) -234-90-63,235-72-29

Theatre Solovtsova began work in 1891.The first performances of the troupe Solovtsova displayed in the room, where he works today, Theatre.Ivan Franko.The cast of his company and later became the base of the Kiev State Russian Drama Theatre.
March 15, 1919 Theatre Solovtsov was nationalized and became known as the Second Theatre Ukrainian Soviet Republic of Lenin.July 31, 1919 after the entry into Kiev Denikin troops theater stopped working and re-opened January 8, 1920.In early 1926 the theater has stopped working.
In 1926 the decision of the Kyiv Regional Executive Committee was organized by Russian State Drama, 15 October the same year the theater opened its first season.In 1941 the theater was named after Lesya Ukrainka.In the first months of the war band broke up, and the actors have worked in the evacuation.In 1942 in Karaganda, chief director Konstantin Khokhlov restored troupe, which in May 1944, returned to Kiev.
In 1946 the theater was awarded the Order of Red Banner of Labor.In 1966 he was promoted to graduate.
At various times in the theater an actor Mikhail Romanov, Yuri Lavrov, Maria Strelkov, Love Dobrzhanskaya, Nicholas Eugene Svetlovidov opal, Viktor Dobrovolsky, Viktor Khalatov, Oleg Borisov, Paul Luspekaev, Kirill Lavrov, Ada Rogovtseva, director Konstantin Khokhlov, Vladimir Nelly, Nicholas Sokolov, Leonid Varpakhovskii, George Tovstonogov, artists Anatoly Petritsky, Maurice Umansky, David Borovsky, Daniil leader, Leon Alshits, composers Boris Lyatoshynsky, Yuri Shaporin.

Kyiv State Musical Theatre for Young People

Kiev, ul.Mezhigorskaya, 2
+38 (044) 425-3497, 425-4280

One of the most popular theaters in Ukraine - Kyiv Municipal Theatre of Opera and Ballet Theatre for Young People was established in 1982.At the 2002nd-award academic.As part of the team - opera and ballet, symphony orchestra, chorus, just over 200 employees.This is a talented, highly skilled musicians: singers, dancers, instrumentalists, among them many of these "stars" whose names are known far beyond Ukraine.During the years of creative work done over 80 productions, 40 of them delivered the first time.Now in the repertory of about 50 bright, unique in its artistic expression productions, highly regarded domestic and foreign press.The team is widely promoted national opera and ballet, performing with great success on to Europe, Asia, America at various international festivals and tours.

Municipal Theatre "Kyiv"

Kiev, nab.Rusanovskaya, 12
(044) 294-09-09, 229-10-92

Municipal Theatre "Kiev" - not just another new capital theater - it has a very special person, a special format.

Expressive features of the theater - its present and thrust into the national osobennosti.On against the theater as a museum, and confessed, live theater, so that he feels with tears or laughter pain and joy of his people, breathing in unison with him, understood his time, his rhythm and originality.

Theater, however, is not confined solely to one line of the new drama, and aspires to create various genres, diverse, raznostilevoy."Kiev" was created by the Ukrainian tradition is, as the theater of Music and Drama, which can have a wide range of genre productions: drama, comedy, musicals, ballet, etc.It is a versatile theater, where there may be a new reading of the classics and modern foreign approbation search plays, chamber music performances and large-scale spectacular action, drama theater, and purely musical, verbal and plastic-spectacular.

Kiev State Theater of Young Spectators at the Limes

Kiev, ul.Lipskaya, 15/17
+38 (044) 253-62-19,253-54-83
Kyiv Academic Youth Theater at the Limes was foun

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