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Інформаційний майданчик Порталу журналістів  працює!

У Києві відбувся запуск "живого" інформаційного майданчика Порталу журналістів України

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Excursions in Kiev «Smart & Clever»

Kiev, Novopecherskie lane, 5
(044) 222-79-57
Excursions in Kiev in English and many other foreign languages.Professional guides, conducting individual and group tours, hiking and car.Excursion program from 2 hours to 5 days.Selection Guide and the level of transport, depending on customer requirements.The company provides a full range of services for foreign visitors to Kiev and Ukraine.

Excursions in Kiev "New Logic"

Kiev, ul.Mihaylovskaya, 6-A
+38 (044) 206-33-22
Thematic excursions in Kiev: All Kiev for 3 hours, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (the museums), Kiev-Pechersk Lavra (without museums), St. Sophia Cathedral, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Pirogovo, WWII Museum, Aviation Museum, the Memorial,"Babi Yar",Museum of the Chernobyl disaster, the National Art Museum, Bulgakov, Ostrich Farm, Ancient Kiev (foot).Orders for individual tours.Orders for group tours.Transport services in Kiev.

Excursions in Kiev of "L.Rahlina"

+38 (044) 406-21-31
Bus Tours in Kiev.Walking tours of Kievu.Duration of all walking tours - 3 academic hours (2 hours 15 minutes), all bus trips - 4 academic hours (3 hours). More than 150 excursions in order to Kiev, Kiev region and Ukraine.

Excursions in Kiev "travel club"

Kiev, ul.Gogolevskaya, 22-24
+38 (044) 486-53-20, 501-25-40
LLC "Travel Club"-a licensed Ukrainian tour operator.We offer you such a trip in Kiev: All Kiev for 3 hours, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra and its Museum, St. Sophia, the Museum of Folk Architecture and Life Pirogovo, Museum of World War II, the Museum of Ukrainian Fine Arts, the Historical Museum, the Centre of Kiev, Hem , Pechersk, Cruise along the Dnieper river of your choice, Soccer Matches UEFA Night Kiev, Chernigov (full day), Sofiyivka (full day), Kanev (full day), the ostrich farm (half day), Opera and Ballet Theatre.Shevchenko.

Excursions in Kiev "STAR SKY TRAVEL"

Kiev, Vasilkovskaya 28, third floor
+38 (044) 257-13-87, +38 (068) 364-14-24
Tour operator "STAR SKY TRAVEL" pleased to offer tours in Kiev, the organization of your stay in Ukraine's capital, the whole range of services for secure and safe stay in our country.You are expected not only interesting and well organized tours in Kiev.We commit ourselves and all the work on the device of your stay, from reserving your desired type of housing to rent a car, the provision of interpreter services and transportation.

"The first tour desk"

Str.Tarasovskaya, 9B
+38 (044) 227-77-78, +38 (099) 550-00-00
Excursions in Kiev, Kiev Hotels, Kiev Sightseeing, tours to kiev, guides and interpreters.Excursions in Kiev: Kiev - the capital of Ukraine, the thousand-year old Sofia and Kiev, Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, Kiev in the life and work of Shevchenko and others.

Excursions in Kiev "Elite tour"

Kiev, Borschagivska, 2, 112
+38 (044) 491-89-24, 236-75-64
Bus Tours in Kiev: "Cases of bygone days" - the history of the ancient Kievan Rus and Kiev."Through the prism of modernity" - a city tour: familiarity with the geography of the city with a history of three historic areas of Kiev - the Upper Town, hem, Crypt, with contemporary cultural life of the capital of Ukraine.The Cathedral Church of Kiev - a story of temples of different religions: a synagogue, the Orthodox churches and cathedrals, Catholic churches, Lutheran Church, Karaite kenasa.and many others.

Excursions on Kiev "Ancient Kiev"

Kiev, ul.B.Hmelnitskogo, 48, of.11 (3 fl.)
+38 (044) 585-51-15, 585-23-45
The company "Ancient Kiev" offers a variety of themed tours of the city, which keeps the spirit of antiquity.Kiev-Pechersk Lavra, St. Michael's Cathedral, St. Andrew's Descent, Hem, Golden Gate - it is only a small part of the cultural treasures of gold in Kiev, from which you will be introduced throughout ekskursii.Ekskursii held not only in Ukrainian, but also in Russian, English and many other languages.

"Podolsk Bureau of Tourism and Recreation"

Kiev, ul.Raisy Okipnoi 2, of.418
+38 (044) 223-62-99, 568-44-27
Excursions in Kiev and Kiev Ukraine.Ezhenedelny tour, tours, city walks, visits to museums.Various programs for individual and group tours.Tour to Kiev-Pechersk Lavra.Seen Near and Far caves.Walking tour "Ancient Kiev.Andrew's Descent "and others.

Excursions in Kiev "Interesting Kyiv"

+38 (044) 491-11-76, +38 (068) 121-44-58
All-all-all of interesting Kiev.Its history, attractions, oddities and interesting, known and unknown places, roofs, vaults and dungeons.Kiev chips.Story buildings, monuments, famous people of Kiev.In addition, regular excursions and unusual attacks.Every weekend we organize various excursions around the city, and not only.This is usually walks with a professional guide.Announcements poyavlyayutsya excursions each week on Monday, with a maximum on Tuesday on our website.

Excursions in Kiev Ukraine-Tour

Kyiv, Ave Moscow, 20-b
+38 (044) 383-07-05, +38 (066) 760-70-39
Excursions in Kiev in all languages: individual, group, walking, by car, bus, tram, Segway.Experienced guides will answer all your questions.Rental of boats, yachts, ships.Sightseeing tours to Ukraine.

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