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Інформаційний майданчик Порталу журналістів  працює!

У Києві відбувся запуск "живого" інформаційного майданчика Порталу журналістів України

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Entertainment Center Florence

Address:Avenue Pavlo Tychina,7(Berezniaky)

Tel:+38 (044) 553 34 05, +38 (044) 553 44 27

Getting there:Bus number 95 from Art.Left subway or bus from the art.Metro Poznyak, supermarkets and Poznyak from Kiev railway station

In the entertainment center of Florence there is a huge recreation choices for any taste.The complex has several restaurants, a billiard club Florence has solid experience and authority.

Billiard Club in Florence Entertainment was organized in 1997, still ranks among the largest in Ukraine.In it the players 30 pool tables with different accessories.Powered club clock.Tables are divided in three halls: 12 ft., 10 ft., 9 ft. (American pool).There are also two Vip-room with billiard tables, where you can retire with sovyeyu company.Prices in the Florence club one of the most democratic in Kiev.

Also, the entertainment complex has several banquet halls and disco Vip-room, equipped with laser equipment and even smoke machine.

Georgian restaurant entertainment center in the national Florence stylized manner, using as a decorative folk Georgian household items.Glory of Georgian cuisine has long gone beyond the limits of Georgia, and the number of fans is growing.Many dishes of Georgian cuisine seem simple in preparation.Many shades of flavors is achieved by using different kinds of spices, herbs.Specific seasonings and sauces, traditional cheeses and the famous Georgian wines - all delivered to the restaurant from Georgia.The restaurant's chef, as it should be - the Georgians.When choosing courses need to show some courage, because it is very difficult to decide what to choose: khachapuri, chahohbili, kebab, Lobby, odzhahuri (veal with potatoes "homemade" chkmeruly (chicken in garlic tobacco milk sauce); kvereby (bovine eggs with mushrooms) mushrooms, baked cheese with the Georgian and much more. Most dishes served in a special ceramic pot - ketsy, which helps them stay hot for a long time. skewers considered all known Georgian dish. In Georgia skewers called mtsvadi, and the restaurant of Georgian cuisine entertainment complex Florence, prepare 16 kinds of skewers of different kinds of meat.

More than 300 kinds of dishes the restaurant offers a European kitchen, working in conjunction Florence.Special this restaurant has earned popularity for its pastry shop.

In the sushi bar for Florence dishes using only fresh fish quality and better varieties of rice.Here visitors will offer a wide selection of sushi, sashimi, rolls and other dishes of traditional Japanese cuisine, and author finds local chef.

Maximum Entertainment Center


Tel:+38 (044) 562 62 62, +38 (044) 563 98 32 +38 (044) 563 60 95

Maximum Entertainment Center has its arsenal with numerous possibilities for a bright holiday.

Pati bar sugar, which is also part of the entertainment complex High, works from Tuesday to Sunday inclusive mode from 19:00 to 3:00 (cht., Fri., Sat. To 6:00) Original interior solution 'barrier that comfortable sofas, soft glow of candles and tranquil music create romantychnuyu and relaxing atmosphere.Disposal Pati bar Sugar: viewing music software on plasma screens, large cocktail card, which consists of 70 items, hookah menu, cigar menu and sushi menu.

In the entertainment center Maximum daily from 12:00 to 6:00 open rooms for billiards.Total of 8: Russian 12-F (3 tables), the Russian 10-F (a table in a separate room), pool (American) - 9 F (4 tables).Players can order any dish with a pub or sushi bar.Bowling in Ukraine gets more and more popular, and the club is maximum in this area is among the best bowling clubs in Kyiv.

For people like bowling entertainment center in High installed special equipment American companies "Brunswick".Those who make bowling in their first steps, you may need to help the instructor - this service a maximum free.In different places of the hall contains 7 plasma panels and proektornыy screen, 3,5? 2,5 m, which broadcast sports and musical programs.Open bowling daily from 12:00 to 6:00.

Genuine freedom of choice for beer lovers - a pub in the cup.Here visitors will be offered a choice of over 20 beers and a wide selection of dishes Bavarian, Austrian, French, American, rosyskoyi and Ukrainian cuisine.From Thursday to Saturday at a pub run performances of musical groups from Ukraine and foreign countries.

Strip-bar pink rhino.Every evening the two scenes take place performance in 1920 dancers.The bar seven days a week, from 21:00 to 6:00.

Entertainment Center Corvette

Address:vul.Maksyma Zheleznyaka 3

Tel:+38 (044) 424 81 50, +38 (044) 424 81 70, +38 (044) 422 89 04

Entertainment Center Corvette - a ship that rushes to the sea tazadovolen entertainment.In his three decks located six saunas, Russian bathhouse complex, restaurant, pool, bowling alley and strip club.

Those who wish to experience the beneficial sauna can visit one of 6 Corvette club saunas.Two of them are rather large and 4 smaller size.On the choice of entertainment for visitors Corvette offered: sauna with a waterfall, where you can bask in the hydromassage jets, a sauna, "Blue", sauna-style hunting lodge, "" Yellow "sauna, jacuzzi, sauna, a small sauna.Saunas are working around the clock.

Russian Bath Spa complex includes more Russian pair 100 cubic meters, Roman bath, infrared sauna, swimming pools with different temperature regimes, the services of professional masseurs and parylnykiv, rest rooms and summer terrace.

Proponents of active recreation can play bowling or billiards.Masters of the game may show itself in the Russian or American pool, and help newcomers highly instructor-marker.For those who are not fond of the game, designed with comfortable couches, a hookah, a large plasma screen (DVD and satellite tuner) and the service from the bar.

Pride entertainment Corvette is bowling (3 tracks).Lounge for bowling in the style of the pirate ship.On the walls hang old maps of mysterious islands, and the bowling ball for a gun similar to the kernel - the charges for ship guns, which cost in the hall.We offer beginners - experienced instructor to help you get acquainted with basic principles of the game.Near the bowling hall located Corvette club dance floor and restaurant.

Restaurant Corvette is working around the clock.Can hold 40 people.The menu includes a variety of European cuisine, a large selection of drinks for every taste.

Blockbuster Entertainment Center

Address:Ave Moscow, 34v

Phone:+3 (8044) 498 30 00

Hours:10:00 to 06:00, weekends from 9:45 to 06:00

Getting there:The nearest metro station Petrovka

Today, Blockbuster Entertainment Center is the largest in Kiev.The creators of the project set a goal to focus in one place as much different kinds

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