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Інформаційний майданчик Порталу журналістів  працює!

У Києві відбувся запуск "живого" інформаційного майданчика Порталу журналістів України

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The best way to learn Kyiv is on an Open Kiev double-decker tour bus.

The only tour in Kyiv organized according to a well-known hop-on hop-off format is the best way to get acquainted with all the city’s main landmarks. Comments provided in two languages – Russian and English, a city map, 17 stops are all included in the price of an all-day ticket.


About tour:
- unique double-deckers. Our double-deckers equipped with great sound system, allow you to enjoy Kyiv from height. The tour is comfortable whatever the weather, as in case it rains the double-decker covers its top in an instant.
- all-day tickets. Open Kiev tickets are valid all day long! You can get off at any moment, have a walk, see the nearest landmarks, visit museums and get on the bus again.
- tours are arranged in two languages – Russian and English simultaneously.
- buses comply with the timetable, notwithstanding the number of people. You will get a chance to enjoy the tour even if you are the only passenger.
- the tour itinerary is closed and it helps you start and finish your tour at one and the same place.
- the tour embraces all the city’s key sights.
- when buying tickets for the Open Kiev tour, you will be presented with a map of the city, which will help you plan your time in the best possible way.
Kompanіya Open Kiev
Address: 01015, m. Kyiv, str. Lavrska, 16a.
Tel. +380 44 227-28-63/64,  093-187-8328

Laser War

This game is similar voynushki simultaneously on the computer "shooter" and paintball, only there you will "destroy the enemy" is not balls filled with paint, and an infrared beam.

Battlefield - a maze with various obstacles, sound and light special effects.


The minimum number of "soldiers" - 4, maximum - 18.After the briefing you are given a laser gun and a vest with electronic sensors and lights: each team a different color.

The duration of each laser "voynushki - 20 minutes, and can participate in it, and young men - from 7 years of age (younger will not be able to wear gear that weighs about 4 kg).You also can not play for pregnant women.

You can play online laser systems MEGAZONE.Str.People's Militia, 5-A (Sebastopol Sq.).every day from 11.00 to 22.00.If the game starts at 21.50 and 22.00 after a person has a desire to play, then the complex is open until the last customer.

Price: 30 game (20 min.) Birthday by presenting a passport or birth certificate is a day for free.


The first option - you can take a quad bike hire and skate anywhere (he can go to any off-road).True, if it will not happen in the am VYDUBYCHI, where are these cars, you have to pay extra transportation services.

The second option - you do on an ATV tour of Bald Mountain, which is Vidubichi.In any case, before a trip you will surely pass the instructions and get protective gear (helmet and overalls).Ride can children of 14 years.

You can ride around Vidubichi pm, pre-call (company AutoQuest) at any time upon request

Price: tour: 350 UAH.on weekdays, 450 UAH.on weekends, rental: $ 110 for 1 hour to 1 quad, if you take just 6 - $ 50 for each





Tarzan trails

You have to go under the open sky among the trees five trails of varying difficulty: 1-I, 50 m long, starts at a height of 1,5 m 5-me has lasted for 250 meters and is situated at a height of 12 meters.Trails are a combination of the ladder by which we must climb the tree platforms, which are attached to trees, and tracks from typesetting metal and wooden items.You will have safety equipment, which is attached to the tether stretched along the entire trail.So if you fall through, just hanging in the air and can get back (and if you do not come - you will remove the instructor).

Before the first trail all are instructed, and over the entire route for you watching the instructor (he goes beneath the path).

Children under 14 admitted only with parents.For the youngest there BABY-park.Teens growth of 115 cm can master even the first three tracks, and adult or adolescent well-developed growth from 140 cm - the fourth and fifth paths.

Where: Goloseyevsky park, adventure park Seiklar, in advance by calling (Location map and phone number are on the site).

You can take a walk every day with no weekends and holidays, from 10.00 to 19.00, 19.00 issued last outfit, waiting for an instructor before passing routes last client.


- Adult: 140 UAH., On weekdays before 15.00 - 110 UAH.

- Students: 110 hrn.and 80 UAH.respectively

- 18: 100 UAH.and 80 UAH.

- The passage of only the first 3 tracks: -20%



Do fans of extreme sports is the opportunity to visit as Kolobkov.Climb inside a transparent Zorba (the ball, consisting of two spheres, the space between them filled with air) - and Roll at your pleasure.Can be straight, zigzag, or skipping, but you can on the water.Koloboks may become even children (for children 5-12 years are small Zorba).Without the presence of parents can ride with for 16 years.Not available is fun for people with cardiovascular, nervous and mental diseases, diabetes, injuries and pregnant or lactating.Before the descent you sign a receipt that does not belong to this risk.Not Allowed in Zorba and those who managed to drink a glass or two.Also not recommended there for 2 hours.

You can ride in the mountain ski complex "Protasov Yar 'm going to the Republican Stadium trolley bus number 40 or bus № 495.Before arrival should call (available on the website).Working hours: Sat-Sun, Wed-Thu from 11.00 to 18.00, Mon-Fri - 14.00-18.00, gidrospuski - 13.00-17.00, night - 20.00-23.00.

Price: lightest day skiing - 120 UAH. And the rest - from 220 UAH.Students - 10% discount



Paintball Club Buhay

Kiev, Prospect t.Vozduhoflotsky, 63

(044) 227-70-12

Prices: Mon-Fri - 40-45 UAH., Sat-Sun - 50-60 UAH., 100 balls - 27 UAH., 2000 balls - 520 UAH.

Paintball Club Planet

Kiev,Prospect t.Brovarskoy,1

(044) 599-50-50

Price: 75 UAH., 100 balls - 35 UAH., 2000 balls - 600 UAH.

Paintball Club Bears

Kiev, ul.Vernadskogo, 32

(044) 240-11-44

Prices: Mon-Fri - 25 UAH., Sat-Sun - 50 UAH., 100 balls - 30 UAH., 2000 balls - 500 UAH.


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