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Інформаційний майданчик Порталу журналістів  працює!

У Києві відбувся запуск "живого" інформаційного майданчика Порталу журналістів України

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Address: ul.M. Grishko, 3

Hours: 10:00 to 22:00

Getting there: The nearest station.Metro Poznyaki.

Retail and entertainment center Aladdin opened in Kiev in 2004.Part ploschidi Aladdin mall stores occupy different price levels, where you can find household goods, clothing, shoes and more.

It offers visitors a complex Aladdin few fast food, restaurant, cafe bar, mini-point of ice cream.Fans can visit a tanning salon Sun Plazza - here they offer not only a wide range of cosmetics for tanning, but also give professional advice on its use.

On the territory of TRC Aladdin also runs a beauty salon, dry cleaner, photographic studio, pharmacy, and on the second floor playroom.On the second floor and -1 work rides.WiFi Zone allows a time for a cup of coffee without separation from the cases, or have lots of fun with distant interlocutors.Also in the shopping complex Aladdin function payment terminals, several offices and banks that provide currency exchange service.

In the TRC Aladdin often spend time fans of active rest, they are there rolledrom and climbing wall.Near shopping center parking lot located at 350 seats.

Alta Center

Address: Ave Moscow, 11a

Getting there: art.Metro Petrovka.

Alta Center - one of the young trade centers in Kiev.On several floors of the complex are shops of clothes, shoes, accessories, food supermarket.Products for children can be purchased in the children's supermarket Alta Centre.

The scope of services in Kiev this mall is also quite advanced.It employs instant dry cleaning, salon mobile bank branch.It offers visitors Alta Center Front packing gifts, beauty salon, ATM.At different levels of the shopping center operates several cafes and restaurants offering Ukrainian and Japanese cuisine, pastries.Close to shopping center is free parking.


Location: Independence Square

Getting there: art.Underground Independence Square

Globe Trade Centre - one of the largest in Kiev.It is unlikely that there is a kind of commodity that you can not find, go shopping in the Globe.The best-known brands, producing clothing, optics, shoes, musical instruments, print and media products, equipment, decorations - all in a large variety available in stores complex Globe.Those who value home comfort and wants to decorate his apartment, or place it in any particular style, may look to stores decor.Coffee tables, paintings and moldings, original sconces, vases, and lots of beautiful and useful things for the house there is the Globe.

Once in the shopping mall Globus, you have the opportunity to not only buy products you need, but also spend time in one of the many cafes or restaurants.On the territory of the shopping center are 6 restaurants, among them a restaurant jungle and Von Bar du with the author's European cuisine and relaxed friendly atmosphere.Four cafes offer visitors Globe variety of drinks, snacks and desserts.Among the 16 fast food restaurants, which are available in Globus shopping center, there are well-known McDonald's and Baskin Robbins, Guster Two and Three Fat Men.Among others, the original menu for the restaurant stands Pershe - in its menu includes several kinds of soups.

On this list of features and services that are available in the shopping mall Globus does not end there.On its territory are working the box office, bank branches and representative offices of travel companies.


Address: ul.4, Lunacharskogo

Getting there: art.Metro Lunacharsky.

Shopping center chest can be called, rather, shopping and entertainment center.This multi-functional complex in which Kiev and visit Kiev can not only make a purchase, but also a good time.

The ground floor shopping complex located Locker gourmet supermarket Furshet.The originality of this supermarket is to combine gourmet food store with the idea of the restaurant.Right before your eyes from the fresh food will cook your meal to order.In the supermarket work: a salad bar, fresh juice, sandwiches, pizza bar, grill bar, cooking.

Clothing and accessories the world's leading brands can be purchased on the first floor of the shopping center chest.There is also a branch of Sberbank, the box office and café Coffee House.

On the second floor of the building in addition to clothing and accessories, there are several shops clothes and jewelry stores.Connoisseurs of fine fragrances and cosmetic products will find on the 2 floor Chest large selection of cosmetics, personal care, body care, hair and so on.

Shoe Stores Chester, Intertop, Carlo Pasolini, Minelli located on the 3 rd floor of the shopping center chest.Before you get up to 4 floor you can relax from a long walking and an abundance of experience in the Chocolate Cafe.

And finally, 4 floor shopping center chest.Mostly there are objects of recreation and entertainment.The most notable of them - multi-screen cinema multiplex.On the 4 floor running several cafes and restaurants, which offer customers a varied menu, but as a nice extra - a picturesque panorama of the Dnieper.In addition, on the top floor Chest is a fitness center and children's entertainment room.

Karavan Megastore

Address: ul.Meadow 12

Getting there: The nearest station.Obolon metro, Minsk, Petrovka.

Retail and entertainment complex Caravan in Kiev Obolon opened October 31, 2003 goda.TRTs Caravan Kiev became the first professional project in the western format shopping mall.

On the territory of shopping and entertainment center is a large number of different profiles of shops, running a grocery hypermarket, fast food restaurants and cafes.This shopping and entertainment center is known in Kiev as a regular venue for various concerts, DJ-session, fashion shows and other events.In addition, the Caravan is open year-round ice rink.

On the territory of TRC Caravan are branches of several banks, beauty salon, solarium, pharmacy, travel agencies, a cinema and the computer club.For children in the TRC Caravan runs leisure complex Igroland, which offers a special children's programs, performances and cafes, a wide range of attractions including the climber, air guns, simulators, prize machines, and more.

For active recreation can visit the bowling club Swallowtail.Bowling Club offers 10 game tracks, bar, restaurant, VIP-zone, as well as protection.If you came to the bowling club Swallowtail with children, for children, there are four specialized children dorozhki.Rabotaet bowling club from 11:00 to 06:00 seven days a week.

Caravan offers free parking for 1500 cars.As a shopping center far enough away from metro stations, for the convenience of customers working for free express routes to metro stations and Petrovka Obolon.


Location: on the Square.Leo Tolstoy to Bessarabia Sq.

Getting there: pl.Leo Tolstoy, Kreshchatik Theatre.

Metrograd located in the heart of Kiev, stretching from the area of Bessarabia, which ends Kreshchatik to Lviv area.To date Metrograd shopping center occupies about 20,000

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