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Інформаційний майданчик Порталу журналістів  працює!

У Києві відбувся запуск "живого" інформаційного майданчика Порталу журналістів України

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Address: Kiev, st.Willow, 24
Phone: (044) 464-48-44
(044) 502-09-61

Petrovka can find books of any genre, and areas of knowledge: from novels to the professional literature in the narrow profile.In addition, the book market a wide range of stationery and audio-video products and software


Address: Kiev, pl.Bessarabska, 2
Bessarabskiy market or Besarabka-largest indoor market, located in the center of Kiev on the area of Bessarabia, which is located at the western end of Khreshchatyk, the main and most famous city streets.
Currently, the building market is communal property - owned utility (KP) Bessarabskiy market. "Considered by all visitors to the capital Kiev and Ukraine, Bessarabskiy market is the most expensive in Kiev.Idioms "expensive, as Bessarabka" or "we're not on Bessarabka" (meaning "bargaining is inappropriate") have become part of everyday life of Kiev.

Zhitniy market

Upper Val street, 16, Kiev, Kiev Region


(044) 417 3426

Zhitniy market - one of the economic centers of Kiev.Was on Podil.Originates from the times of Kievan Rus.River Glubochitsa Zhitnyaya shared area of the market into two parts.Around the square in the 1 st half of the XII century, the means of trade and craft associations have been built temples, in particular, the Church of the Virgin Pirogoshcha (Kiev-Podolsky Cathedral of the Assumption).In the XV century Zhitniy market - the main shopping center.Here twice a year, going fair.He continue to be one of the major shopping centers than in the largely contributed to the closeness to the Dnieper River and the harbor.

In 1980 he opened the building Zhitnyaya indoor market.

Located on Zhitnetorzhskoy area.


Market Troyeshchyna

ul.Elektrotehnicheskaya, 2

The largest clothing market in Kiev, the most popular, is on Troyeschina.

Bird Market

City area: Kurenivka, Kurynivska market

Address Kiev bird market: str.Frunze 166 - to this address adjacent market

How to get to the bird market:

From the underground Petrovka minibus 25 or 525.

From railwayminibus station 558.

From the subway "Maidan Nezalezhnosti" trolleybus 18 or by shuttle bus that goes to the "birdies."

Metro station "Obolon" 11 tram.

Metro station Heroes of Dnepr 16 tram.

Metro station "Kontraktovaya ploschat" 12 tram.

Mode of operation of the Kiev bird market: All days except Monday.The best range on Saturday and Sunday morning.



Address: Kiev, Dnieper embankment, 18

Mode of operation:


Mon :13:00-21: 00

Tues.-Sun :9:00-21: 00

Manufactured goods:

Tues.-Sun :10:00-20: 00

Mon: closed

Administration Evrobazara

Phone: +380 44 536 95 02

Fax: +380 44 536 95 04

Rental department

Phone: +380 67 238 32 16

+380 67 217 95 04

Marketing and PR

Phone: +380 67 214 52 36


Vladimir market


* Phone: *
(0044) 529-02-33      
* Address: *
Kyiv, vul.Antonovycha (Gorky), 115
* E-Mail: *
* Hours: *
Summer period: 06:30-21: 00
Winter period: 06:30-20: 00

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